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Myrcene Terpenes

When we talk about modern cannabis strains, myrcene terpenes stands out as the most prominent terpene. Being the most common terpene in cannabis, beta myrcene is often referred to as “the mother of terpenes.” Myrcene terpene gets its name from a Brazilian shrub called Myrcia sphaerocarpa, which is commonly used

Terpenes in the Kitchen.

Do you know terpenes in the kitchen can completely change the way you cook your food? The essential oils known as terpenes are responsible for the typical flavor and odor profile of cannabis Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are only a few of the sources that get terpenes. Adding cannabis terpenes

Bisabolol Terpene

You’ve probably heard of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG if you’ve ever planned to use cannabis regularly or occasionally. Many people don’t know that cannabis contains terpenoids, which are also called “terpenes.” Alpha-bisabolol terpene is one of approximately 150 terpenes in cannabis. Due to the bisabolol terpene effects, it

Gushers strain

Gushers strain is hybrid in nature. This famous strain was the result of crossing the two famous strains Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. It also has a small Indica dominance in the following ratio; 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.  As the name suggests, Gushers delivers a mouthwatering blend of sour

Ocimene Terpene

Ocimene terpene is one of the aromatic terpenes chemicals responsible for the distinctive aroma and other beneficial properties. Well, more than 20,000 terpenes have been identified up till now in nature, but only a handful are truly exceptional for consumption. Inhaling Ocimene terpene is like taking a deep breath of

Best Terpenes For Sleep

You might be suffering from terrible insomnia, hence, trying to find the best terpene for sleep.  We caught you right!  We’re all aware that sufficient sleep is the best thing we can get for optimal performance the next day. Likewise, it’s starting to become a major problem all over the

Tips to Use Terpenes

Every farmer aspires to produce crops with the strongest aroma, most intense flavor, and highest oil content possible. In order to fully appreciate the distinctive terpenes flavors, aromas, and therapeutic benefits, growers naturally strive to maximize their plants’ genetic potential by increasing terpene production. When evaluating the success of your

Optimized Mylar Bags

To properly package cannabis, some professional protocols must be followed. Mylar bags are a must in this case. If you’re in the cannabis industry as a farmer, grower, or cultivator, you must be familiar with custom mylar bags to ensure your products are packaged effectively and legally. Due to its