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How to Select the Right Terpenes and Find the Best Terpene Store


Around 12% of American adults use cannabis. Finding the right terpene store is a matter of knowing what to look out for.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in plants. They’re responsible for each plant’s unique scent and flavor. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana terpenes play a big role in determining what you feel, not just THC.

An educated consumer is a happy consumer. You deserve to know how to recognize a terpene shop that’s worth spending your money at.

Here are the qualities any good terpene seller will possess:

High-Quality Products

The key to understanding terpenes is knowing they come in synthetic and natural form. Many stores sell synthetic terpenes or even terpenes that don’t come from a cannabis plant at all. There’s no point in adding terpenes to cannabis products if they’re synthetic.

Here at Rare Terpenes, all of our terpene blends are plant-derived and natural. Each blend’s potent aroma and taste confirms its high quality. Plus, they don’t contain any THC or CBD, so it’s nothing but pure terpenes, baby! 


Any terpene seller worth their salt is transparent about which terpenes they include in their products. Providing anything less than a detailed list of terpenes with each product is sketchy and warrants suspicion.

Fortunately, Rare Terpenes fully discloses all of the terpenes we put into our products. That way, you’ll know what kind to shop for and expect based on your personal needs.

Selection Size and Lab Testing

Always inspect a shop’s selection size before you commit to a purchase. It indicates how much experience they have with blending terpenes for commercial purposes and having them lab-tested. Our expansive selection proves that Rare Terpenes is experienced with identifying, handling, and blending terpenes.

Let’s face it: Adding terpenes to weed by yourself in someone’s basement isn’t the same thing as enjoying a professional, lab-tested terpene blend. The former is the equivalent of a shoddy science project and the results will reflect that.

Sticking to legitimate terpene venders is much safer and better in terms of quality.

A good terpene seller will also provide the tools you’ll need to enjoy terpenes. That’s why we also sell the best cartridges and diluent on the market.


Turns out, variety is the spice of life and terpenes. Good terpene stores have more than a big selection—they have a varied selection that keeps you coming back for more.

You’ll find all kinds of terpene blends at our online store. Birthday Cake, Gelato, Biscotti, and Candy Land are only a few of the fine blends we offer. No matter what your needs are, we’re confident we have something you’ll want more of.

This Terpene Store Has Got Your Back

As many as 238 million people worldwide smoke cannabis. As the industry grows, it’s becoming more important to be able to recognize a great terpene store when you see one.

North American accounts for 22% of the global cannabis user population. The very least we could do is supply you with top-notch terpenes that’ll blow your mind. 

Get in on the action—order your free terpene sample today. A little bit goes a long way and you’ll be on #TeamTerpene before you know it.

Rare terpenes

Making the Right Choice

Rare Terpenes is committed to bring our customers the highest-grade terpenes available. We continuously strive to be the best in class for quality, efficacy, safety, and ethics. Your satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do. We know your product will have better flavor, effect, and many other numerous benefits with Rare Terpenes.