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Diluent Mixing Guide

Rare Terpenes Diluent
If this is the first time you’ve created your own cannabis extract or cartridge, you may have noticed in the past that the oil viscosity can change its consistency depending on the strain or batch you used for that particular run. For your extracts to be properly vaporized you need to make sure it isn’t too thick or runny. An extract that is too thick will have a bottom-shelf taste and vaping experience. As a result, it can be detrimental to your companies’ image. So how do you make sure your product has just the right consistency? That is where our Rare Terpenes Diluent comes in.

What is Diluent?

Diluent, also known as Cannabis oil thinner, is a game-changer for anyone involved in the world of extractions. Just like all our terpenes, our diluent is sourced from all-natural botanical ingredients that are specifically designed to lighten the color and strength of your concentrate without changing the thickness. As an extra bonus, it also stretches your product out further. One caveat of using diluent is that if your product is already too thin, using it will only make your product thinner. The best way to use a diluent is by adding to an extract that is too thick or hard to get just the right consistency. Our diluent does not have a distinct or bad tasting flavor hence, using it won’t negatively affect your end product quality.

Creating the perfect consistency with diluent.
Recommended diluent ratio.
10%-15% diluent
90-85% cannabis or hemp oil and terpenes.

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