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Bisabolol Terpene: Usage, Effects & Benefits

Bisabolol Terpene

You’ve probably heard of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG if you’ve ever planned to use cannabis regularly or occasionally. Many people don’t know that cannabis contains terpenoids, which are also called “terpenes.”

Alpha-bisabolol terpene is one of approximately 150 terpenes in cannabis. Due to the bisabolol terpene effects, it has become very popular.

First identified in the 1950s, bisabolol terpene is abundant in Chamomile and marijuana. It seems to be effective against cancer and bacteria. It also works as a stress reliever. This terpene is widely distributed in cannabis and is popular for its sedative properties.

In this post, we’ll examine this one-of-a-kind alpha bisabolol terpene and some amazing ways that can alter your interaction with this cannabis byproduct. Read on to find out what bisabolol terpene is, tips to use it, is it safe, and the scientific research behind the bisabolol effects.

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What Is Bisabolol?

Alpha-bisabolol terpene is a special type of cannabinoid. It is also known as a-bisabolol. It is found in chamomile and many other strains of cannabis. In other words, alpha-bisabolol is structurally unique among terpenes. Native to Brazil, it is also found in the candeia tree.

Bisabolol terpene is commonly known as levomenol. Lesser terpenes, like myrcene, linalool, and limonene, are often present in lower concentrations in cannabis plants. The combination of honey, herbs, and vanilla creates an exceptionally enticing aroma in the case of bisabolol terpene.

This beneficial terpene is found in a variety of cosmetic items. For example skin care items, CBD oils, and THC oils.

Here are a few important key points to know about alpha-bisabolol terpene:

  • It has some amazing properties that calm the skin
  • A magical skin-calming agent for sensitive skin type
  • Comes with the ability to reduce the visibility of scars
  • It induces smooth muscle relaxation by mimicking receptors in the digestive system.
  • It can be made synthetically too. But chamomile plants are the most common source of bisabolol terpene.
  • It is floral-scented, colorless greasy liquid
  • Alcohol with the monocyclic sesquiterpene structure
  • This terpene is very effective against inflammation

Is Bisabolol Safe?

The FDA says that using bisabolol terpene does not pose any significant health hazards.

According to the FDA, bisabolol is “Generally Recognized as Safe; (GRAS)”. This is because it does not cause any major side effects.

However, before beginning bisabolol treatment, it is best to speak with your doctor.

Particularly so if you suffer from any preexisting medical conditions or are already taking any prescribed medications for any kind of allergies. You can better understand whether or not bisabolol terpene would be useful for your requirements by having a conversation with a medical professional.

Best Tips to How to Use Bisabolol

Following are some expert tips to use Bisabolol Terpene like a pro in different ways:

Add to THC or CBD Oils

Whether you’re using CBD, THC, or another cannabinoid extract, terpene bisabolol is a welcome complement. It contributes a lovely floral aroma and, due to the entourage effect, may increase the calming benefits.

Add to Makeup

Bisabolol terpene is an excellent anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing ingredient. It also prevents moisture loss from the skin. Lotions, sunscreens, face oils, and other skin care products often contain alpha bisabolol terpene.

Combining with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapists frequently use bisabolol terpene in their practices. Bisabolol is commonly consumed for its sedative properties. However, this terpene can be used in aromatherapy to achieve similar calming benefits.

Smoking or Vaping

As long as you don’t mind smoking, you can take advantage of the various vape items that contain bisabolol terpene. Also, the many cannabis strains that are rich in bisabolol, such as ACDC and the popular Pink Kush.

How Bisabolol Smells Like

The scent of terpene bisabolol is pleasant, subdued, and flowery; very much like that of chamomile tea.

Even if you smell a little bit of this terpene, it will make your mind calmer, relaxed. The aroma will take you to a more pleasurable place.

Both cannabis and chamomile contain the active ingredient bisabolol. Its aroma is defined as fruity, nutty, and herbal by top users. Bisabolol is described as having a sweet, spicy, or citrusy aroma in general.

Additionally, several cannabis strains give off a potent aroma of bisabolol.

Bisabolol Chemical Structure

Bisabolol can be found in its most common form, Alpha-bisabolol terpene is the most common form of Bisabolo. On the other hand, beta-bisabolol is the second major form. The beta form of this molecule is quite difficult to find in nature.

Because it is a sesquiterpene, alpha-bisabolol shares a chemical relationship with a number of other compounds, including beta-caryophyllene, humulene, nerolidol, guaiol, and valencene.

The molecular formula is C10H16 whereas the molecular weight of bisabolol terpene is 136.23. Moreover, it is partially insoluble in water.

Bisabolol Research & Effects

Bisabolol has a light, pleasant scent that is especially noticeable in certain cannabis strains. It also has a healing effect.

When addressing the advantages or the health effects of Bisabolol terpene, it is crucial to note that the available study has been conducted only on animals and not on humans.

The following are some of the common yet powerful bisabolol terpene effects:

Bisabolo’s Effects on Skin

Bisabolol terpene is a common ingredient in skin care products because of its many well-known advantages. It has anti-inflammatory properties and soothing effects on sensitive skin.

You can use it as a treatment for common skin issues like eczema and sunburn. Bisabolol is effective against both dry skin and psoriasis too.

The following are just some of the many benefits that bisabolol has for the skin.

  • Stopping the decay of collagen
  • Reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improvements in the scar appearance

Bisabolol may also be useful in treating acne, another common skin condition. It has antibacterial properties which help in clearing your skin and killing the bacteria responsible for acne.

The redness, discomfort, and overall unpleasantness of acne can all be mitigated by its calming and soothing characteristics.

Effects on the Digestive System

In a 2018 study, researchers observed that bisabolol terpene helped protect against stomach damage in experimental animals.

Therefore, it may help avoid harm to the digestive system in humans too. Moreover, the bisabolol effects were compared by the researchers. They also gave out a combination of the two substances.

Antioxidant Properties of Bisabolol

The cosmetics industries have funded the majority of the studies on bisabolol’s antioxidant effects.

Sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines are all signs of skin damage caused by “free radicals”. In simple words, free radicals are unstable chemicals that cause cell damage over time. Free radicals are dangerous molecules that can cause irreparable harm to a cell’s DNA, membrane, and other key components.

Bisabolol terpene has been shown to boost the levels of various antioxidant proteins in a variety of recent studies.

Is Bisabolol Psychoactive?

Bisabolol terpene does not have any psychedelic properties, although it does have an effect similar to that of relaxation and calm.

Myristicin and salvinorin A are the only two terpenes known to have a psychedelic effect. No other terpenes are psychoactive in nature.

Unlike other terpenes like beta-caryophyllene terpene, which has a strong, peppery, spicy aroma, the scent of bisabolol is more subtle and pleasant.

Key Takeaways: What is Bisabolol?

Although its presence in cannabis is negligible, the pharmacological bisabolol terpene effects are significant. This fragrant terpene appears to have countless health benefits. Some of the top ones are for your skin due to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Alpha-bisabolol terpene can help you in many ways:

  • It can reduce inflammation
  • It helps you relax after a busy day
  • It makes your skin appear radiant

However, it has a profound effect if consumed in a large quantity or in the wrong manner. This terpene has a calming effect that enhances pleasure and calms.


Bisabolol is a terpene found in cannabis plants and other natural herbs including chamomile as well as Myoporum crassifolium. It’s also known as levomenol. Pure bisabolol terpene has the appearance of a transparent essential oil.

Bisabolol is a beneficial terpene added to many cosmetic and medicinal goods, including THC and CBD oils. This terpene’s relaxing effects, anti-anxiety properties, and sleep-inducing properties make it a potentially useful compound.


Where does alpha-bisabolol terpene originate from?

In the 1950s, scientists first successfully synthesized alpha-bisabolol terpene from the German chamomile plant. Bisabolol is most commonly found in chamomile tea. Candela trees in South Africa, figwort, Candeia trees in Brazil, and well-known cannabis varieties including Delato, Gelatti, and Ice Cream Cake all contain it.

Does bisabolol terpene make skin fairer?

Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for your skin color. This pigment can be overproduced due to certain skin disorders or prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Inhibiting melanin formation is how bisabolol terpene achieves its skin-lightening effects.

Can bisabolol help with hair loss?

Since bisabolol terpene contains a lot of panthenol, it helps the skin heal faster and promotes healthy hair development. Bisabolol has a special place in traditional medicine. Credit goes to its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-microbial characteristics.

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