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The Essentials

What are terpenes ?

Terpenes are the aromatic organic compounds found in plants that bring forth strong tastes, aromas. Terpenes have numerous utilization opportunities, such as for their medical benefits, in perfumes, in incense, and even in cleaners. Terpenes enhance the flavor, and aroma of your oil.

Why do terpenes matter?

How to use terpenes

Terpenes can be added to a plethora of products to achieve desired results. Terpenes are to be used in small quantities during dilution due to the high concentration and potency.

What does diluting terpenes mean?

Since terpenes are very strong on their own, we must dilute them in other carrier oils as it could be very dangerous for your health. Terpenes mix well with other natural oils such as coconut oil, propylene glycol, and most other carrier oils. When mixing, it is good to keep about a 1-6% terpene concentration, depending on the desired result.

Why Choose Rare Terpenes?

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