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Ccell Cartridge – Guide and Review

Do you love the new CCELL cartridge technology? Who doesn’t, especially, if the cartridge technology means a much better experience along with better flavor. And of course, powerful. 

As a matter of fact, the CCELL Cartridge is the new king for vape lovers like you. At the same time, vapor veterans are welcoming this new innovative cart warmly. Moreover, CCELLs have gained their vibe due to addressing several dodging issues. Above all, these issues are relevant to the vape world. 

To best understand specifically how a CCELL cartridge improved on preceding designs, as well as overall vaping experience. Firstly, let’s have a look at the new tech vaping experience as a whole. 

What is Ccell?

CCELL is defined as the leading technology brand. Certainly, it is known for creating outstanding standard-setting vaping hardware products. CCELL is indeed the most advanced vaporizing technology and this tech comes with revolutionary ceramic heating elements.

CCELL cartridge is composed of ceramic heating elements. Further, these elements have a massive network of tiny uniform holes that are also termed nanoscale inlet holes. 

The holes excel in absorbing, storing, as well as vaporizing thick oil. As a result, the CCELL cartridge becomes an ideal option for vaporizing pure cannabis oil. Most importantly, this kind of oil can be very sticky and thick. 

At the same time, the high efficiency of the ceramic cylinders offers even heat distribution. Above all, this means steady and more consistent vapor with each draw.

How to Verify Your CCELL Cartridge Is Authentic?

Have you ever got your hands on any fake CCELL Cartridge? If not yet, the market is full of fake sellers and manufacturers. 

If you are using a fake product, the oil you are smoking might be unknown and extremely harmful. Not to mention many of those legit companies have not come up dirty in pesticide as well as solvent tests at the same time. 

Below we have highlighted 5 major spots on how to identify authentic and fake CCELL cartridges. Have a look below;


A real CCELL cartridge (plastic) is recognized by a tamper-resistant, and compressed-on plastic mouthpiece. This ensures that you won’t be able to remove the mouthpiece unless you damage the cartridge. 

When it comes to Glass cartridges, it will come with a removable screw-off mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is made of ceramic. If you are unable to remove the top, you have a fake product on your hands. 

Once you remove the mouthpiece on a glass cartridge, a silicone ring will appear on the bottom of the mouthpiece. These are some key components to check the authenticity of your product. 


A real CCELL cartridge (glass) comes with a metal collar and this collar is present around the circumference of the cartridge bottom. 

On the other hand, plastic cartridges also have a second collar along the top. If you are unable to find this second collar, it’s likely a fake one. 

Also, a  few cartridges have the word “CCELL” which is engraved on this bottom collar. You should also be able to see another silicone ring present near the bottom of the cartridge’s glass part. 

ccell cartridge Real or Fake
Source: Reddit

A double ring is another red flag — that’s a fake product. Also, four inlet holes around the base of the airway must be present. This is inside the cartridge.


In both the cases of glass and plastic cartridges, look for a silicone ring. It will be present at the top of the airway. It’s a sign that you have a valid CCELL cartridge.

510 Thread

CCELL cartridges consist of a 510 thread that goes right into the battery. At the bottom 510 thread, you should be able to see two secondary inlet holes. Fake ones rarely have these. 

The inlet holes should be six in total. The inside of the 510 thread having another clear, silicone ring is a major point for authenticity. 


On the reservoir housing of CCell Pods, you will detect the word “CCELL” and a lot number beginning with A, C, L, M, or CA. 

You may not be able to see this printing once the pod is assembled. This is due to the tamper-resistant mouthpiece. Also, the magnetic base should lack any engravings.

How can you tell if it’s a fake Ccell cartridge?

Here are a few important points to detect if you have a fake CCELL cartridge. 

  • The product should have all three stamps engraved on the cartridge’s bottom. A CCELL logo or Jupiter, a serial number, and a K stamp. 
  • Fonts should be of the same size, color. They shouldn’t be misplaced at all. 
  • The length of your cartridge should match the size of the original one. You can compare both.
  • Fake CCELL Cartridge often uses weak atomizers. 
  • The mouthpiece will most probably be compressed on plastic top carts, and screw on with ceramic top carts. 
  • No damaged or malfunctioning cartridge should be accepted. 

Can I Fix My Ccell Cartridge?

Yes, why not, you definitely can. If your CCELL cartridge stopped working due to any cause, here are 3 top possible reasons and how you can fix them:

Poor battery connection

Being one of the common reasons, your CCELL cartridge might not work when the battery is tightly screwed. Simply use a paperclip, razor blade, or a pocket knife to pull the connection plate back up. Do this until it is level

Clogged cartridge

If you are facing the issue of a clogged or coated CCELL cartridge, the cartridge’s ability to connect may be affected. As a result, the battery won’t supply the power to produce vapor. 

Burnt out cartridge coil

If your vape tastes kind of burnt, you have a burnt coil. The best solution is to replace your cartridge coil.

How to open a Ccell cartridge?

CCELL cartridge is said to be an indispensable entity, no matter what its purposes. Sometimes we face situations where we need to pry open the cartridge. They are of tough nature and highly reliable making. 

Below we have discussed how you can easily adapt to opening a cartridge. 

Many CCELL cartridge users believe that you need to apply great force to the cartridge to open it, which is not true. 

Meanwhile, this might work, it is not at all a wise method if you are trying to open the CCELL cartridge. 

An important point to keep in mind is that you should never try to open a CCELL cartridge without having a pair of pliers and scissors. 

In short, use a tool that can put a lot of force on the object with minimal effort. This can also be done with the help of a hammer.

How to Refill a CCell cartridge?

One of the advantages of using a CCELL disposable cartridge is that you can refill it whenever you think fits. You should just know the proper technique. While using that, you can easily perform the refilling process. To make things easier for you, here are a few tips that can help you.

Firstly, to start the process, you will need a clean syringe. Moving ahead, take an appropriate solution with which you want to load the syringe. Meanwhile, the majority of the people prefer using carbon dioxide oil for this measure. Inject the solution into the cartridge to complete the refilling.

Choosing the Best Battery for Your CCELL Cartridge

There are quite a wide variety of vape batteries. And this variety often leads to confusion about which one to select. Also, the battery style has different features and specifications. 

Well, no two batteries are the same. Ultimately you will learn through experience which vape batteries are the best ones and which one to reject. 

Here are a few things that you may wish to consider when choosing a vape battery:

  • Battery size
  • Portability
  • Temperature settings
  • Lifespan or longevity
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility

Some of the best vape batteries you can choose from are:

  • CCELL®  Palm
  • CCELL®  M3B
  • CCELL®  Bellos

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FAQ Section

Some of the most common questions asked about CCELL Cartridges are:

Why isn’t my cartridge filled up to the top?

If you purchased a prefilled CCELL registered Trade Mark cartridge, some of the extracted oil may get absorbed in the ceramic heating elements. It is suggested to the oil manufacturers to let them sit for a while after filling the cartridge. This allows the oil to settle, ensuring no priming. So you can start vaping right away.

Do I have to use a CCELL battery with a CCELL cartridge?

Well, it is recommended to use CCELLRegistered TradeMark cartridges and pods along with CCELLRegisteredTradeMark batteries. But for the best results, it is not the only option.

What is the most popular mouthpiece style?

The most popular mouthpiece for the glass cartridges is the white duckbill and ceramic black. On the other hand, it is the clear barrel or clear duckbill in the case of polycarbonate cartridges.

How many times can a CCELL Cartridge be used? 

The CCELL Cartridge, according to the Ccell, should only be used once. But if you use clean oil distillate, the product can be used 4 to 5 times max.

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