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Benefits of Mylar Bags and How to Use them to Store Your Cannabis

To properly package cannabis, some professional protocols must be followed. Mylar bags are a must in this case. If you’re in the cannabis industry as a farmer, grower, or cultivator, you must be familiar with custom mylar bags to ensure your products are packaged effectively and legally.

Due to its pungent smell and susceptibility to the environment, marijuana cannot be stored in just any random container. Knowing what causes cannabis to deteriorate and how to shield your bud from those influences is crucial when planning your packaging strategy.

Cannabis Mylar bags and glass jars are the standards for weed storage. Custom Mylar bags might not seem the obvious choice for long-term marijuana storage initially, but they are the most practical option.

Compared to random jars, Cannabis Mylar bags provide advantages in three key areas: cost, customization, and preservation of freshness.

This article will explain what mylar bags are, where to buy mylar bags, why, and how Cannabis mylar bags are the greatest option for cannabis packaging.

Mylar Bags – Brief Introduction

DuPont Chemical Company created Mylar in the 1950s from a special type of material. Since its invention, Mylar has been used in various settings. Balloons filled with helium are a common example of this material.

Since it is impermeable to oxygen, heat, and moisture, Mylar is perfect for long-term storage of perishable goods. Similarly to vacuum-sealed bags, Cannabis Mylar bags prevent damage to the dry stored item. These bags weigh next to nothing and are tough to rip.

An Overview of the History

Mylar bags are commonplace, but few people can tell you why they were invented. In the 1930s, Charles Stokes, a chemist at DuPont, developed the first mylar bags.

DuPont needed a new insulating substance for his wires and other electrical components. Stokes discovered a polyester film with great insulating characteristics and created a method for making it commercially.

Since then, custom Mylar bags have become an integral element of the cannabis packaging industry due to their ingenious design.

Benefits of Mylar Bags

Cannabis Mylar bags are among the most common types of cannabis packaging. The below advantages have contributed to Mylar bags’ widespread popularity:

Doctor Drip 973 Mylar Bag 3.5g

Maintain Quality and Maximize the Lifespan

Since Mylar is impermeable to oxygen and moisture, the dry content remains fresh for a very long time.

Cannabis Mylar bags are made from a thin layer of polyester film laminated with another thin layer of aluminum foil. The bags are completely sealed from air, moisture, and light thanks to this combination. Thus, custom Mylar bags are great for keeping cannabis stuff fresh.

Mylar bags ensure that cannabis items stay fresh for up to two years. Mylar bags are useful for storing food since they prevent spoilage and extend the life of the product.


A bud’s color, flavor, odor, and potency can all be altered by exposure to light. Therefore, keeping it in an opaque bag away from the sun is important. Completely opaque mylar bags provide the perfect solution. The aluminum in the foil allows the bags to block out light without affecting the aroma or dry buds inside.

Keeps Bud Fresh

Food spoils over time due to exposure to two main environmental factors: water and air. Cannabis Mylar bags, on the other hand, prevent moisture and oxygen from penetrating. As a result, the contents inside remain fresh for much longer. Marijuana buds must be stored in an airtight container to maintain their quality.

Free of Toxins

The food stored in many plastic bags leaches toxic chemicals. These synthetic chemicals used in the production of plastic storage bags have the potential to seep into the food content you store in them. Innocuous substances are not present in mylar bags.

That’s why putting cannabis or edibles in mylar bags is a good idea; they’ll stay clean and protected from pests as well as other potential hazards.


Impact or clamshell heat sealers are commonly used sealing materials. However, there is no issue if you do not have any sealer. You may get the same results by heating the custom mylar bag with an iron or a hair straightener.

It is important to keep in mind that mylar bags can only be used properly if they are heat-sealed. Some cannabis products must be wrapped in tamper-evident and/or resealable packaging to be in complete compliance with specific cannabis packaging rules. Because they meet both of these criteria, Mylar bags are a great packaging option for a wide variety of goods.


Mylar bags are more durable than other types of storage bags. They can hold a food item for an extended period of time due to their durability. The bag and merchandise remain undamaged no matter how long you store them.

Various Sizes

You may find custom Mylar bags in various sizes, allowing you to pick the perfect one for your dry goods. This form of packaging offers a lot of flexibility in terms of design. At Rare Terpenes, you may choose from various designs. This includes craft paper, silver foil, gold foil, a matte finish (spot gloss look), and more.

The dimensions can be adjusted to meet your needs. The options for creating unique mylar bags for your cannabis products are virtually limitless.

How to Store Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags

Recreational cannabis users frequently employ airtight packaging like custom mylar bags. Besides, these bags are used by the proprietors of major dispensaries to transport dry cannabis buds to their consumers.

Because of their durability and airtight seal, Cannabis Mylar bags are the best option for preserving dry content. Products in these bags are protected from environmental elements, including air and moisture. Storing cannabis in a mylar bag for the long term is possible since the plant’s buds flourish in a cool, dark environment.

Some of the compounds found in cannabis degrade when exposed to oxygen, water, and light. Light has a negative effect on several terpenes. If a cannabis strain’s essential oils are exposed to light, the plant will lose its signature aroma.

How to Use Mylar Bags

Mylar bags can be used to preserve many different types of dry food items for extended periods of time, not just cannabis. The process is universal.

An in-depth explanation of how to properly utilize mylar bags is right here:

Bag it Up

Mylar bags, even the small ones, are perfect for storing cannabis at home. Get a bigger bag if you need to carry a lot of stuff. Select the appropriate bag size and then fill it. Don’t forget to leave some space for the seal. Regarding bag sealing, vacuum sealers take up more room than irons do.

Add O2 Absorber

It is obvious that oxygen barrier bags like Mylar bags are effective, but an oxygen absorber should be used to keep perishables free of fungus and insects.

Bags of similar size can hold oxygen absorbers. An oxygen absorber is usually unnecessary in this case. Closing the oxygen absorbers that are still in use is necessary to ensure their safety. They are kept safe in airtight containers.

Mylar Bags Sealing

The bag must be sealed within 30 minutes of applying the oxygen absorber. The oxygen absorbers might not work in case you fail to do so.

  • The best options are impulse sealers or clamshell heat sealers. These are ideal for securing your Cannabis Mylar bags. In the absence of either, commonplace implements will be required.
  • Mylar bags can be used with several vacuum sealers. Getting the right one will be useful to you. An iron or hair straightener can be used to seal Mylar bags.
  • A flat iron can be used to permanently close Mylar bags. Put the bag down on a flat surface like a hard board. It can be an ironing board. Heat-seal them and put the bag to rest.
  • You can also use a straightener instead of an iron. The bag can be more securely sealed if held vertically. It’s important to prevent the formation of bubbles of hot air. Initial step: align the bag’s center. Divide it into fourths. Air bubbles are avoided in this way. Later, you can secure the bag shut with a hair straightener.

Cannabis Storage Tips

Place In A Cool Setting

Terpenes and THC, the active ingredients in cannabis, degrade at high temperatures. This is why smoking is popular. High-temperature storage will eliminate all of their usefulness to you. It will lose all of its flavors. To preserve the buds in prime condition, they must be stored at a cool temperature, at 20 to 22 degrees.

Darken The Room

Budding marijuana contains a high concentration of THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the high. Light can damage THC, especially ultraviolet light. It can diminish its potency. In addition, certain terpenes degrade when exposed to light and should be stored in a dark place.

Cannabis Mylar bags are rather opaque, but we still need to take care to prolong the buds’ life. Place the mylar bag containing the buds in a dark location to prevent any light from reaching the dry contents.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Put the storage area somewhere your kids can’t get to it. Mylar bags with a security seal, that children can’t break into, can be purchased for added protection. Especially if you have youngsters at home who are naturally curious, you may relax knowing that your cannabis is safely stored in a locked bag.

Mark The Mylar Bag

After you’ve put the strain’s name and the date on the mylar bag, you should label it. The date and time of storage can be easily identifiable in this way. Having it clearly identified with a label benefits everyone in the household. The packing date is printed on the label in case you forget.

Where to Buy Mylar Bags

We at Rare Terpenes can assist you with acquiring a custom mylar bag that reflects your brand. Whether you are seeking something understated and uncomplicated or daring and captivating, we can help.

Rare Terpenes is here to assist you if you are all set to place your order or if you are looking for expert advice on selecting the appropriate size, substance, and quantity of packaging for your items.


Cannabis Mylar bags are the best option for storing cannabis at the moment. Mylar bags, unlike regular plastic bags, do not contain synthetic chemicals. In addition, unlike Mylar bags, plastic bags won’t be able to establish an airtight, odor-proof seal.

We highly recommend investing in quality cannabis Mylar bags for long-term storage if you intend to acquire or grow the plant in large quantities.


When should you not use Mylar bags for storage?

The list of Foods That Ought Not to Be Placed in a Mylar Bag (with an Oxygen Absorber) is not very long. Due to its high oil content, brown rice spoils quickly. Long-term storage in a Mylar bag is not recommended for foods with high moisture or oil content, such as nuts, granola, raisins, chocolate chips, biscuits, and crackers.

Can mold grow inside Mylar bags?

Mylar bags, when maintained normally, can keep humidity levels between 59 and 63% RH, which is ideal for preventing mildew and changes in product weight. So, a big no to mold growth when it comes to storing buds or other dry content in Mylar bags.

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