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After Adding Terpene Flavors & Aromas in Cannabis

Most generally know that some cannabis strains have a much more pleasant aroma than others and that some are more pungent than others. Terpenes are the chemicals responsible for these distinct fragrances and terpene flavors. They are a group of volatile, synergistic hydrocarbons found in abundance in plants.

We can employ these terpenes to rejuvenate cannabis extracts, oils, and raw hemp buds. Adding terpenes to Cannabis gives them a better flavor and even influences their impact profile, by focusing on them.

Terpenes can be used in a variety of ways with buds. We may always apply 1–2 drops of terpene flavors per gram of flower to moisten dry buds. We might also use it to delicately coat our pipe bowl. The most frequent method is to apply the terpenes directly to the flower. It is, without a doubt, the simplest way to utilize it!

Before purchasing a glass jar for cannabis terpenes for distillate, we must first choose the isolated terpene or terpene profile that we wish to investigate. After pouring the distillate into the container, we should add one to two drops of terpenes per gram of oil. Before allowing the mixture to infuse overnight, it must be properly whisked.

We can also include terpenes to enhance the value of CBD or THC oils. However, in that scenario, we should stick to the 2% guideline or add 0.2 mm every gram of oil.

Last but not least, the most frequent concentrates known as dabs are shatter and butane hash oil. This is due to the fact that dabbing is a popular method of marijuana consumption. In a nutshell, they’re cannabis doses extracted with solvents and packaged as sticky oils.

What are Terpenes Flavors & Aromas?

Terpenes are the fragrance molecules found in all plants, and they make up a large part of plant resins. As a result, they are the most important components of every plant’s essential oil. As a result, terpenes contribute to the distinct essence, or fragrant fingerprint, that we identify with well-known botanical species. 

Although terpenes may be found in numerous plants and insects, they are best known as the powerful chemicals that give cannabis its distinct scent, flavor, and therapeutic properties. That is why adding terpenes to Cannabis is popular. The pure essence (flavor, aroma) of the plant from which it is collected is contained in the essential oil obtained from cannabis.

We’ve broken down some of the most popular isolated terpene flavors into their four main scents and flavors, so you’ll have everything you need to make an edible so delicious that we’ll want to carry it to our next gathering.


Aromatic Profile: Fresh, earthy, spicy, piny, 

Botanical Sources: Cedar, pine, conifer trees, parsley, rosemary, dill, eucalyptus, oranges, basil


Aromatic Profile: Sharp, sweet, fresh, and piny

Botanical Sources: Pine and conifer trees, orange peels, rosemary, 


Aromatic Profile: Sweet, piny, woody, pungent

Botanical Sources: Turpentine, rosemary, cedar,  basil, pepper


Aromatic Profile: Fruity, earthy, clove-like

Botanical Sources: Sweet basil, hops, mangos

Cannabis Esters & Terpenes

Cannabinoids are significant molecules in the cannabis Sativa plant, however, there are also other compounds that have a function as synergistic and/or entourage compounds.

The entourage is a term used to explain the cannabis components when they work together. The notion is that when numerous cannabis compounds are ingested together, they have a synergistic impact that heightens the body’s response. This results in a more prominent therapeutic benefit than if each cannabis ingredient were consumed separately.

The entourage effect, in this context, refers to the synergy that happens when several phytocannabinoids and terpene flavors are combined to improve the plant’s overall pharmacologic effectiveness.

Terpenes are powerful cannabis components that have been researched as a possible contributor to the entourage effect. The entourage effect definition is defined by the mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes; hence adding terpenes to cannabinoids also falls in the same category. 

How Cannabis Smells

If you’ve ever gotten a whiff of well-preserved, unburned cannabis buds and thought you smelled skunky or, lesser often, been sprayed by the skunk and pondered why you smelled like cannabis — you might be wondering why the two smell so similar.

Prenylated volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), a subgroup of volatile organic molecules, are the foul-smelling culprits in both drugs (VOCs). Cannabis has a diverse olfactory profile with approximately 200 secondary metabolites.

Cannabis After Adding Terpenes

Terpenes are highly fragrant chemical molecules that are the things we smell in plants and give them their distinct aromas. The scent we notice when we get a whiff of a freshly peeled orange or the pine growing right outside our window, for example, is actually a mixture of terpene flavors from a certain plant.

Below we have discussed what happen after adding terpenes to cannabis:

Improved Taste

Adding terpenes to cannabis is obviously beneficial to the flavor. While some individuals appreciate the acrimony of particular strains, the aromas can be overpowering and leave a foul feeling in the mouth.

However, with a few tasty terpene flavors, every cannabis encounter may be much better.

Revitalizing Dry Cannabis

True, fresh weed has a different effect, but we occasionally have remnants that we won’t be able to utilize straight away. So no need to pitch them away if they become dry and lose their aroma; we can just try adding terpenes to cannabis and rejuvenate the plant to effectively give it a second life.

Entourage Effect

We still don’t know everything about terpene flavors and how they affect our bodies. Regardless, we know enough about them when it comes to adding terpenes cannabis. One of the explanations behind this is that they can have an entourage effect (described above), which means they can boost our cannabis intake.

Our top 10 Terpenes Flavors & Aromas 

Here are the top 10 Terpenes flavors and aromas by Rare Terpenes:

Chocolope (Earthy, Sweet)

Do-Si-Dos (Earthy, Pungent, Sweet)

Runtz (Earthy, Sweet, Citrus)

Lemonade (Sweet, Woody, Lemon)

Melon OG (Sweet, Tropical, Citrus)

Purple Punch (Berry, Sweet, Citrus)

Sky Walker OG (Earthy, Pungent, Sweet)

Strawberry Banana (Sweet, Woody, Strawberry)

Wedding Cake (Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla)

Gushers (Earthy, Sweet, Citrus)

Why Terps Spray Easy to Use

Terps Spray uses a valve that was specifically built for micro-pulverization of the substance to provide quick and uniform distribution of terpene flavors (cannabis aromas). You can effortlessly and conveniently flavor anything this way, and you won’t need any other accessories.

Simply direct it towards the material you’d like to amplify a distance of roughly 35–45cm—and spray. That’s all there is to it! know how to use the Spray Terpenes

Why Rare Terpenes

Rare Terpenes is committed to offering the highest-quality, most effective, and unmatched Terps Spray available. Cost leadership, high-quality merchandise, and exceptional customer service all work together to provide you with the best possible experience.

We’re delighted to provide one of the most diverse collections of terpene flavors on the market, with several items that aren’t available anywhere else. Rare Terpenes takes pride in the fact that we have exactly what you’re looking for!

All of our products at Rare Terpenes are held to an industry-leading standard. Nothing leaves our premises without undergoing a comprehensive inspection and polishing process. Our terpene flavors and Terp Sprays are derived entirely from natural sources. When you try adding terpenes to cannabis by Rare Terpenes, the results are perfect. We only deal in GMO-free terpene flavors to assure safe manufacturing operations.


Terpenes have a vital influence on a cannabis strain’s scent and flavor. They may also generate psychedelic in combination with cannabinoids as well as other cannabis plant components.

Adding terpenes to cannabis products does not appear to be difficult. However, it does imply that we must exercise patience in order to test the consequences each time. The smallest levels of terpene flavors may not be suitable for all users, and some changes will be required.

However, you finally understand how to operate with them and how much to put to buds, distillates, and dabs on a regular basis. You may now experiment with adding your chosen terpene flavors to develop a unique taste and aroma!

FAQ Section

Do terpenes have any effect?

Terpenes, particularly linalool and limonene, have been found to have a strong physiological impact on the body in studies. This indicates that linalool-rich varieties are more likely to be relaxing and pain-relieving, whilst limonene-rich strains are more likely to be mood-elevating.

What is the best way to incorporate terpenes into concentrates?

1 gram of shatter contains 1 gram of terpenes. Terpene flavors can also be added to shatter which has already dried. Add one or two drops to the top of the shatter prior to inhaling or dabbing it to achieve this. If you’re not satisfied with the flavor, you also can add a couple of extra drops the following time.

What is a terpene isolate, and how does it work?

Terpene flavors are aroma-producing chemical components in cannabis. Terpene extraction is the distillation of cannabis terpenes for usage in other goods.

Rare terpenes

Making the Right Choice

Rare Terpenes is committed to bring our customers the highest-grade terpenes available. We continuously strive to be the best in class for quality, efficacy, safety, and ethics. Your satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do. We know your product will have better flavor, effect, and many other numerous benefits with Rare Terpenes.