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Terpenes 101: A Quick Guide to the Purpose and Benefits of Terpenes

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Have you heard about terpenes? They’re not new, but terpenes have become a hot topic for people who want to enhance their products. 

Yes, you can improve your “daily driver” by adding terpenes. You can also ruin the taste and effectiveness of your product without understanding the best terpene to compliment your individual product. 

Let’s learn a little about the benefits of terpenes and how to use them. 

What Are Terpenes?

Think of terpenes as the “essential oils” of product flavoring. They are some of the building blocks of your experience with your product. When you combine the right terpenes with your product of choice, you can affect the taste, how it absorbs into your body, and the result of your session.

Terpenes are already part of your life even if you’ve never heard of them before. They are organic and most commonly found in many plants. Terpenes create the scents in perfumes and many products with fragrance.

Terpenes are aromatic and affect the way plants smell (their flavor). That’s why mixing terpenes into your product can affect the taste.

What Do Terpenes Do For You?

Many CBD consumers use the oil to help fight anxiety, pain, or inflammation. Terpenes have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, and stress-relieving properties.

When combined with your CBD or other products, terpenes boost the anti-inflammatory or mood-lifting effects. 

Plus, terpenes appear to increase CBD’s absorption rate into your body. Terpenes help speed up the absorption while helping you absorb more of your product.

Known as the “entourage effect,” you’ll feel more of the full benefits of your product when combined with added terpenes. 

Remember: terpenes can’t make you feel “high” on their own. They don’t contain THC. However, adding terpenes to your distillate can increase the effectiveness of your choice of product. 

Which Terpenes Do You Need?

The terpenes you need depend on how you want to enhance your product. Different terpenes do different things.

The most common terpene from the fruit family is myrcene. It’s responsible for beer’s aroma. Myrcene speeds up the effects of your product and has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you like the calming effects of lavender, look for linalool terpenes or “lavender terpenes.” Linalool has anti-inflammatory anti-anxiety and effects.

To add citrus or peppermint flavor to your product, try limonene. 

Adding anything to your products can affect your health. When choosing your terpenes, make sure they come from a reputable source. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Terpenes 

Make your product more enjoyable and better for your health by enjoying the benefits of terpenes.

Get your terpenes from the best source. We provide the finest, most pure liquid terpenes available. Plus, we make it easy to add our terpenes to most cartridges. 

We have what you need in our extensive list of terpenes. Contact us to let us help you find the right terpenes for you. 

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Making the Right Choice

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