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Our carefully curated selection of terpene sprays promises to indulge your senses with our customer favourites that keep the connoisseurs coming back for more.

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Why users trusts our Terpene spray products

Discover why hundreds have trusted our Terpene Spray, a blend of quality and effectiveness celebrated in the numerous positive reviews below.


(Banana Terpene Spray)

“Super like… worth spending 100 on it!”


Blue Dream Terpene Spray

 (Blue Dream Terpene Spray)

“I like it. wish I’d have ordered a bigger bottle.”


Jet fuel Terp spray

 (Jet Fuel AND Terpene Spray)

"This is fire. It has amazing diesel notes."


What Is Terps Spray?

Discover our Terps spray, expertly crafted for bud application, designed to enrich flower fragrance and flavor. This versatile spray not only serves as an ideal terpene spray for buds but also enhances the overall sensory pleasure. For a deeper dive into how our product can elevate your experience, our concise Terpene Benefits Chart is available, providing a quick guide on the extensive benefits of terpenes.

Why Use Terpene Spray?

Terpene spray is a go-to solution for those looking to accentuate the aromatic profile of their flower products with ease. If you’re wondering where to find such a product, simply look up “terpene spray near me” to locate our top-grade selections and take your product’s sensory attributes to the next level.
Optimized spray terpenes
Optimized spray terpenes

Why Use Terpene Spray For Herb?

Using terpene spray for herb greatly enhances the aromatic and flavour complexity of your product. Whether you’re opting for herb terpenes spray, terpenes spray for herb, or terpenes herb spray, each variant is designed to optimise your flower experience. When you spray terpenes on herb, you’re introducing an additional layer of aroma that complements the natural terpenes found in your terpene spray for herb bud.

Why use Rare Terpenes Spray Bottle?

It makes your life easier as you can aromatize your product quickly. No need to apply terpenes to your products individually. You can aromatize an entire batch of products in a matter of seconds. Aim the bottle towards your product, spray, and you will be done in no time.

Hold the spray bottle 35cm – 45cm from the product and gently spray. All it takes is a fraction of a second for the aroma to settle in. Our Terpene Sprays are available in 10ml and 30 ml bottles.

Optimized Terps Spray by Rare Terpenes

A Few Terpenes Sprays
Can Enhance Your Product 10x!

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How To Use Terpene Spray Bottle - Video Guide

Does the idea of applying terpenes to your products sound difficult? Does it take hours for you to aromatize your products using terpenes? Not anymore, because we at Rare Terpenes have got you covered.

We take pride in introducing revolutionary terpene sprays that have been designed to boost the aroma of your product and let you achieve it in a matter of minutes. We bring you the widest selection of terpenes in easy-to-use spray format. Our micro-pulverization system has been designed to let you apply aroma to your products without any hassle. 


To use, simply mist your flower lightly with raw terp spray, adjusting the number of sprays to suit the intensity of aroma and taste you prefer. Let it dry before consuming to fully experience the enhanced bouquet.

Making your own terpene spray involves diluting pure terpenes into a solvent that can safely combine with your product of choice. For best results, adhere to precise measurements and thorough mixing to achieve the desired consistency and potency.

When produced by reputable companies like RareTerpenes, and used according to the instructions, terps sprays are a safe way to enhance the characteristics of your flower without altering its integrity.

Definitively, yes. Terp spray successfully magnifies the existing terpenes within your cannabis, deepening the sensory pleasure through increased aroma and flavor that is noticeable upon consumption.

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