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Humulene gets its name from hops, also referred to as humulus lupulus. This sesquiterpene gives hops its signature taste and smell, which is characterized as woody, earthy, and spicy. Humulene is also abundant in ginseng, sage, and basil.


Use of humulene can be dated back to the beginning of hops beers. Hops as a brewing material was first documented in 76-77AD in a roman book about the natural world named, Naturalis Historia. Although hops were probably used for brewing long before Naturalis Historia documented it, this is one of the first written records we have of hops in beer. Hops beer is a favorite among many these days for its earthy, woody taste which can largely be accredited to humulene. While concentrations of humulene will vary among hop varieties, this terpene has become a necessity in the production of beer.


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