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Eucalyptol is a popular monoterpenoid best known for its invigorating, minty scent. Its origins are no mystery due to its name being incredibly similar to its most bountiful natural source, eucalyptus. That being said, this terpenoid is also abundant in basil, tea tree leaves, and bay leaves. When isolated, Eucalyptol is transparent and has an oily, liquid consistency.


Like many terpenes, eucalyptol is also an insecticide, but this terpenoid has more unique properties and uses. Research done at Cambridge concluded that eucalyptol containing mixtures may be effective at eradicating head lice–even more effective than malathion. Aside from head lice treatments, eucalyptol is used in many insecticides and mosquito repellants. While eucalyptol wards off insects, it actually attracts orchid bees which use the terpenoid for pheromone production. Researchers rely on eucalyptol isolate to allure orchid bees for research purposes.


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