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Alpha-Bisabolol has been around for centuries, primarily used in cosmetics and chamomile tea. This terpene has a few names: Bisabolol, Levomenol, α-Bisabolol, and Alpha-Bisabolol. Alpha-Bisabolol is a sesquiterpene, which means it has three isoprene units. Bisabolol is primarily extracted from candeia trees and german chamomile essential oils.


Alpha-bisabolol has many benefits when used topically. When used on the skin many report it to be calming and even reduce redness. Due to its soothing nature, german chamomile is often used in baby products and for people with sensitive skin. Currently, many just use the isolated Levomenol instead of the whole chamomile plant to achieve these same results in their products. For example, isolated bisabolol, when used in topicals, has anti-aging effects and improves the absorption of other products. The benefits of alpha-bisabolol go beyond just topicals and cosmetics. This sweet, floral terpene is commonly used as a flavoring agent in inhalation liquids and foods. It is also frequently used in essential oils for aromatherapy.
Alpha Bisabolol


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