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Why choose us?

The experts of Rare Terpenes mix high-quality fragrance molecules with innovative mixing methods derived from the old art, to achieve the best. We orient us to the current knowledge about the biological properties of aromatic compounds. Rare terpenes thus provide an organic terpene profile with the desired flavor and aroma when combined with the corresponding phytocannabinoids (AKA: a fusion of art and science).

We are known for Rare Terpenes because we combine the unassailable power of science with a holistic approach to nature. In this way every product becomes an excellent product. We strive to ensure that our terpenes are thoroughly tested for food quality, so that only the highest quality Bio-Terpenes get into your hands.

Quality and purity are guaranteed!

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These perfect blends of Rare Terpenes are hand-crafted in small batches, to ensure a quality control. Rare Terpenes strives to maintain special relationships with key suppliers who regularly purchase terpenes, giving them a competitive advantage as the sector develops. As the food quality trade with terpenes becomes increasingly limited, naturally available resources are taken away, so that only a limited quantity remains.

To prepare us for this, we have built excellent relationships with quality suppliers who purchase the terpenes, so that we can keep our costs constant and can ship our articles to you immediately. Through professional forecasting we want to be industry leaders and always offer wholesalers and individual customers consistency, quality and transparency!

We are proud of the fact that with all our products we offer an unmatched taste and an unmatched quality, achieving the satisfaction our customers strive for with every profile.

Rooted in our basics, let us consider rare terpenes as pioneers in the branch with terpene formulations that do not entail any compromise on quality and purity. For the joy of our consumers and other industry pioneers we constantly strive for the next quality level. This is our 100% Guarantee. In addition, we have set strict safety standards for Rare Terpenes, so that we can be respected by others.

Why not choose us?

Not your average terpenes

Every aroma that emits Rare Terpenes goes through several rounds of stringent quality control before it reaches the market. Our experienced perfumers tell you the purest, most realistic aromas that were possible. Rare Terpenes sets the standard for quality, conformance and training on the market for personalized organic terpenes. Rare Terpenes has established itself with Stolz as an industry expert and trusted developer of precise terpene blends, especially for quality-conscious producers of all sizes.

Our commitment to the establishment of a library with comprehensive plant data as well as to extensive research and development on site deserves recognition!

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Rare terpenes stand at the forefront when it comes to showing how terpenes are a dynamic factor in food quality in the adjustment and standardization of aromas, taste conditions and effects. Lifestyle-Gutter can be its customers, in that it offers free business advice and consumer clarification.

The profiles of our terpenes were subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety requirements. For the formulation, mixing, packaging and labeling of products with rare terpenes, FSSC 22000- and ISO 9001:2015-certified cGMP-establishments were used. The team wants to make its experience in the field of pure aromatics available to a company to help it develop safe, helpful and successful quality products in the coming years, while having a growing international customer base and an intellectual network. Blitzschneller Shipping and Customer Service are important aspects of our business.

At Rare Terpenes we are not only proud of the diversity, we appreciate, support and promote it for the good of our employees, products and the company. Although many factors play a role when it comes to the underrepresentation of ethnically diverse professionals in leadership positions, we are proud that the leadership team of Rare Terpenes is always representative of the communities we serve, and that each of us is a role model for young people. and can be an aspiring talent.

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At Rare Terpenes, a team of experts has developed the purest and highest quality organic terpenes for your extracts. This was only possible after years of research and experimentation with a strong knowledge of food grade terpenes. Our formulas are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. All you need is a drop of our terpene blends to add intense flavors and aromas to your favorite products, no matter what you mix them with.We know how annoying it is to wait for a company to process, pack and ship your order and how difficult it is to answer your questions. When it comes to going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, it’s not an extra effort for us at all. We continually strive to test for a variety of diseases and indicator organisms that are essential to ensuring the safety and quality of our products.

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