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Myrcene is a monoterpene produced by many plants ranging from hops to lemongrass to mangos. Myrcene is credited with giving hops its relaxing effects. This monoterpene’s smell is described as pleasant and is often compared to cloves. When isolated, myrcene is a pale yellow, oily liquid.


Myrcene is commonly used in perfumes and colognes but not for reasons you may think. While myrcene does have a pleasing scent, it is generally used to stabilize other aromatic compounds in perfumes. That being said, myrcene is used in other products for its scent and taste, take the terpenes use in the brewing of beers to expand flavor profile as an example.

A unique characteristic of myrcene is its ability to enhance the effects of other terpenes. In addition, it also improves the transdermal absorption of other products such as lotions and muscle relaxers, requiring less product to have more effect.



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